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  My name is xx. I am 8 years old and I am in grade two at xx Road Primary School.

  I am a tall, thin and handsome boy. His skin is white, though his eyes are not big, he is very bright. Short black hair and a small mouth like to eat delicious food.

  When I am happy, I laugh, my little eyes squint, and when I am sad, I will hide and shed tears. I also know that boys have to be strong, but they just can't help it. I'm still a good child for my mother's mother.

  I will help her do housework, and I will give her delicious food.My favorite animal is puppy, because it is most loyal. I have a best friend. We often study and play together. The happiest thing we have together is playing computer games, but we know how to master time.

  I have many shortcomings. For example, I don't like reading books, I like playing toys, I'm slow at work, I don't like brains, but I will try my best to correct them.

  I love making friends. Do you want to be friends with me?








  I am a lively and cheerful little girl. I had a dark, bright hair with bright bright eyes and a cherry like mouth. A tall, tall man.

  I like lotus flower because it is as graceful as a beautiful little girl in the lake. I like to draw, sing and dance... I am very smart, and I am very good at writing, but I also want to learn from xx.

  I have many advantages, for example, I write speed and quality, homework can be written in time. My mind is also good. My deskmate is slow. He can forget his dictation. I can report it to him.

  When I go home for dinner, I can help my parents to fill up a meal. However, people are not perfect. There are many of my shortcomings.

  For example, I like watching TV and playing computer games. However, in order to learn grades, I should work hard and make efforts. When I go to school, my schoolbag still needs my mother to carry it for me.

  Oh, I'm ashamed of it! I should be sensible. I'm very poor in sports, especially table tennis. I can't even weigh 70 balls at all, and it's rare. Well, it seems that I can't keep up with sports!

  This is me, a lovely me!








  Hello Everybody, my name is called xx, my English name is called Angle.

  Everybody knew that Angle is the angel meaning, I hoped that I forever can look like the angel equally happily, joyful, is carefree all day! I in the sixth grade, faced with rose the middle school now, father and mother, grandfather paternal grandmother, teacher schoolmates place the very big expectation to me, I will certainly not disappoint their expectation, will study diligently, passes an examination junior middle school's key class!

  In the future will become social a person of great ability and tremendous potential, will make the contribution for the motherland!





  Hello everyone, my name is xx, is a primary school student in grade two. My skin is white, has a pair of bright eyes round face.

  I am a boy loves a lot, such as drawing, practicing martial arts, calligraphy I have love, but I like best is running, every class I and his classmates Lv Suhuan running.

  I was a greedy boy, see good, I quickly ran home, mom to give me pocket money.

  I was a little boy with a careless, I am happy to have a test in the "fortune" hard "Xin", got 99 points, the next time I must not be so careless.

  This is me, a greedy, careless and lovely boy.







  GoodMorning / Afternoon, My dear teachers

  My nameis xx. I am 11 years old, and I am a fifth grade student.

  I have many hobbies. I like drawing and I can drawvery well, which get a lot of praise from my teachers and friends. I likesports, such as dancing, skating, biking and playing badminton. I often play badmintonwith my sisters and we have a great fun together. I love music, especially thepop music, which makes me feel relax. I love English, too. I hope I can travelall over the world one day.

  I have manyfriends. I often study and play with xx and xx. Sometimes, wego to bookstore or supermarket together. We are so happy when we are together. Ilove my friends and they love me, too.

  That'sall! Thank you for your attention.






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