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Your T-shirts can find a ready market in the eastern part of our country.


We all understand that Chinese shippers are very popular in your market on account of their superior quality and competitive price.


This product has been a best seller for nearly one year.


There is a good market for these articles.


There is a poor market for these articles.


There is no market for these articles.


Your bicycles find a ready market here.


They talked over at great length the matter of how to increase the sale of your products.


Please furnish us with more information from time to time so that we may find outlets for our stationery.


They are doing their utmost to open up an outlet.


Our demand for this product is steadily on the increase.


We are sure that you can sell more this year according to the marketing conditions at your end.


Packing has a close bearing on sales.


We are trying to find a market for this article.


We regret we cannot find any market for this article.


According to our experience, these handicrafts can find a ready market in Japan.


We can discuss further details when you have a thorough knowledge of the marketing possibilities of our products.


According to your estimate, what is the maximum annual turnover you could fulfill?


The market situation is not known to us.


Your market still has great potential.


There are only a few unsold pieces.



salable 暢銷的

popular 有銷路的

find a market 銷售

selling line 銷路

trial sale, test sale, test market 試銷

salable goods 暢銷貨

popular goods 快貨

the best selling line (the best seller) 熱門貨

to find (have) a ready market 有銷路,暢銷

to have a strong footing in a market 很有銷路

good market 暢銷

poor(no) market 滯銷

goods that sell well 暢銷貨

sell like wild fire 暢銷,銷得很快

綜合國力:comprehensive/overall national strength/power

經濟增長率:economic growth rate

第一、二、三產業:primary industry secondary industry tertiary industry service sector


共有、非共有成分:non\public sectors

計劃經濟體制:planned economic system

分配方式:forms of distribution

實行按勞分配的原則:practice the principle of distribution according to the work

各盡所能,按需分配:to each according to his ability,to each according to his needs

收入差距過大excessive income gap

社會生產率;social productivity


The contradiction between the increasing material and cultural demands of people and the backward social productive forces

以公有制為主體,多種經濟成分共同發展:parallel development of various economic sectors with the public ownership as the mainstay


企業自主權;autonomous right of enterprise

老師官方版本:decision-making power of enterprises

固定資產投資:investment in fixed assets

原料消耗: consumptions of raw materials

虧損企業脫困:to turn around money-losing enterprises

扭虧為盈:to turn a loss into a profit

老師官方版本:to reduce losses and increase profits

申請破產;file for bankruptcy 或者 apply for bankruptcy

國有控股企業:state-holding enterprises

上市公司: listed company

通貨膨脹、緊縮: inflation deflation

增強國家宏觀調控能力: to strength the state’s macro-control and regulatory capabilities


to adopt a pro-active fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy

擴大內需: to expand domestic demand

農林牧副漁: farming, forestry, animal husbandry, sideline occupations and fishery

社會發展“九五”計劃和2010年 遠景目標綱要:

The outline of the 9th five-year plan for national economic and social development and long-term targets for the year 2010


To implementation of the large-scale development strategy in western china to speed up the development of the central and western regions is a long-term systematic engineering project

養老、失業、醫療保險金:old-age ,unemployment and medical insurance premiums


A clean ,highly effective,fair and standard adiministrative environment

設置貿易壁壘: to erect trade barriers

提高關稅稅率:to raise tariff rates

貿易保護主義:trade protectionism

減少關稅和非關稅壁壘:to reduce tariff and non-tariff barriers

加工廠;a processing factory/plant

外匯儲備: foreign exchange reserve

浮動/固定匯率:floating/fixed exchange rate

上門服務:door-to-door service

上門快遞:door-to-door delivery

售后服務:after-sale service

供過于求: supply exceeds demand

進出口總值:the total value of import and export

收支平衡:the balance of revenue and expenditure

貿易順/逆差: un/favorable balance of trade

或者 trade surplus trade deficit

經營范圍:scope of business

非配額產品: Quota-free products

龍頭產品:Flagship product

防偽標識:anti-fake labels

條形碼:bar code

二維碼:QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) 或者 two-dimensional code

價格單:price list

折扣、傭金: discount commission


手續費:service charge

凈利潤:net profit

凈重:net weight

毛重:gross weight

付款方式:terms of payment


現金結算:cash settlement

分期付款: payment by instalment

現貨: spot goods

付款交單; D/P documents against payment就是進口商付了貨款以后銀行才會把相關的單證給你

承兌交單 :D/A documents against acceptance

就是進口商做向銀行保證在多少天內會付款,銀行就會給你提單 了


提貨單: B/L bill of lading

保險單:insurance policy

到岸價:CIF cost, insurance and freight成本、保險和運費價 到買方碼頭的價格

離岸價: FOB free on board 離開賣方碼頭的價格

信用等級差;to have a poor credit rating

裝運單據:shipping documents

交貨不足:short of delivery

守約:honor a contract

違約:dishonor the contract

毀約:break the contract

保險費:insurance premium

發、收貨人:Consigner consignee

防震/水/潮: shock proof ,water proof , damp proof


定金:down payment

反傾銷措施:antidumping measures

注冊資金:registered funds

貨幣升值和貶值; the appreciation and depreciation of currency

拓寬投資方式:to diversify investment modes

繼續保持良好的增長態勢: to maintain the good growth momentum

統籌安排: overall arrangement

國家高新技術工業開發區:state high-tech and new-tech industrial development zones

下崗工人再就業; the Reemployment of Laid-off workers

全面提高勞動者的素質:to Improve the overall quality of the workforce


貨幣化 monetization赤字 deficit

經濟不景氣 recessiona period when the economy of a country is not successful, business conditions are bad, industrial production and trade are at a low level and there is a lot of unemployment


經濟好轉 turnabout

復蘇 recovery

成本推進型 cost push

貨幣供應 money supply

生產率 productivity

勞動力 labor force

實際工資 real wages

成本推進式通貨膨脹 cost-push inflation

需求拉動式通貨膨脹 demand-pull inflation

雙位數通貨膨脹 double- digitinflation

極度通貨膨脹 hyperinflation

長期通貨膨脹 chronic inflation

治理通貨膨脹 to fight inflation

最終目標 ultimate goal

壞的影響 adverse effect

擔保 ensure

貼現 discount

蕭條的 sluggish

認購 subscribe to

支票帳戶 checking account

貨幣控制工具 instruments ofmonetry control

借據 IOUs(I owe you)

本票 promissory notes

貨幣總監 controller of thecurrency

拖收系統 collection system

支票清算或結算 check clearing

資金劃撥 transfer of funds

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